In recent years, the number of pensioners living in poverty has begun to rise; consequently, it has become increasingly important for retirees to check whether they are eligible to receive certain government benefits. Particularly for those over 75, these benefits could make a huge difference in helping UK pensioners live more comfortably, relieving financial pressure and providing that extra bit of support needed to ensure an easier retirement. Below, we’ve outlined just a few benefits available to those over 75:


Attendance Allowance

This benefit can be claimed by older adults (over 65) experiencing an illness or disability to help them live independently in their home. Depending on the level of care you need, you could receive a weekly payment of up to £83.10 to help finance care costs. Additionally, through claiming Attendance Allowance, you may then become eligible to receive other benefits or an increased payment if you are already claiming them.


Carer’s Allowance

If you receive the state pension, you won’t be able to receive Carer’s Allowance. However, you can still put in a claim for this if you care for somebody who is disabled or receiving Attendance Allowance and if your claim is successful, you may receive more in other benefits such as Housing Benefit or Pension Credit. Similarly, if you are claiming Universal Credit, an extra ‘carer element’ can be included in this to help with care costs. Alternatively, if you are disabled or claiming Attendance Allowance and are cared for by somebody else, they could be eligible to receive Carer’s Allowance and may be awarded up to £62.70 extra a week.


Free Prescriptions and Eye Tests

From the age of 60, you can receive free prescriptions and free eye tests, both of which can make a huge difference to both your health and finances. As well as this, depending on your situation, you may also qualify to receive:


  • Help with hospital travel costs
  • Free NHS dental health treatment
  • Free NHS wigs (if required)
  • Help with the cost of glasses or contact lenses


For more information or to find out whether you are eligible to receive help with any of these costs, be sure to ask your healthcare professional, dentist or hospital staff before you pay for any medical or dental treatment.


Free TV Licence

If you are over 75, you will automatically qualify for a free TV licence. This will cover every television in your home as well as anybody who is watching television in your home, whatever their age. Even if you don’t watch television very much, as you get older, TV licence concessions are worth claiming as this means you will always have the option to watch television in your home for free!


Winter Fuel Payment

This tax-free benefit helps with the cost of heating in the winter time and can be annually received in either November or December. If you are state pension age, you should already be getting winter fuel payment but if for some reason you are not, put in a claim as soon as possible. If you are under 80, you will receive a payment of £200 but if you’re over 80, you will receive £300. To check that you are receiving Winter Fuel Payment, call the Winter Fuel Payment helpline on 0345 915 1515 as you could be saving hundreds of pounds on your heating bill.


If you are a retiree over the age of 75, be sure to check your eligibility for each of these benefits to ensure you are getting the full amount of financial support you are entitled to. To find out more about elderly finances or how to save money on travel insurance over 70, visit our money page or reach out on our social media channels with any questions or concerns.