Valentine’s Day is considered to be one of the most romantic days of the year and is often celebrated by couples by spending some quality time together. However, for seniors who have lost their spouses or partners, Valentine’s Day can be a sad reminder of this. But, with the help of family, friends and carers, there is a way to turn Valentine’s Day back into a happy celebration, once again filled with love and joy. Below, we’ve listed just a few activities that you can do with that special senior in your life who will be missing someone this Valentines:


Go for a Picnic

A picnic is a lovely way to spend some time with your elderly loved one and get them out into the fresh air. Pick a spot that is nearby, perhaps a public park, village green or even the back garden, where you can set up an inviting spread for you both to enjoy. With it being February, the weather is still likely to be a little chilly, so make sure you prepare for this by packing a blanket and some warm clothing. You can also bring a few warming snacks and drinks to enjoy, perhaps some freshly baked goods and a hot flask of tea or coffee. You don’t have to spend too long outside but just getting out for a little while will provide a nice change of scenery for your special senior and take their mind off of being at home alone.


Get Creative with Card Making

Cards are an important part of Valentine’s Day, so why not make your special senior a Valentine’s card and help them make you one in return? This is a fun activity that will give them the chance to get creative. If you know your elderly loved one may need help with certain things such as cutting, painting or glueing, be sure to prepare for this by buying materials that are easy to use or pre-prepared to help them feel less anxious about assembling their card. This is an especially lovely activity to do for grandparents and grandchildren, who can sit down together and make cards for each other.


Have a Family Day Out

Family can provide great comfort to those feeling lonely, so treating your elderly loved one to a family day out is sure to put a smile on their face. There will be a number of local attractions that you could visit such as museums, garden centres, stately homes and public parks. Alternatively, you could ask your special senior if there is anywhere in particular that they’d like to go as they may have a place in mind already. Spending time together as a family will help your elderly loved one to focus less on who they’ve lost and more on what they have now, bringing them happiness and reminding them that they are not alone.


Attend a Special Event

There will be a number events going on in your local community to celebrate Valentine’s Day, such as dances, games nights or themed exercise classes, so why not accompany your special senior to one of these? Quite often, local clubs will hold special Valentine’s events that are popular amongst the elderly e.g. Valentine’s Bingo, special exercise classes for seniors. Alternatively, if your elderly loved one lives in a nursing home or care community, there will probably be a number of in-house events going on that they may want to attend, so be sure to find out about these.


Valentine’s Day can be a sobering reminder for those who have loved and lost, but it doesn’t have to be. With a little help from those around them, seniors who may have otherwise felt upset or alone can be reminded that Valentine’s Day is about love and happiness. For more information about caring for elderly loved ones, please visit our care page or get in touch on our social media.