One of the perks of getting older in the UK is the transport concessions you can get. These are both nationwide and local, and are one of many benefits for over 60s, who often rely more on public transport than they do on travelling alone by car or foot.

What transport concessions can I get?

Senior Railcard

The senior railcard is an annual savings card available to anyone aged 60 or over. It costs just £30 per year and gives you a third off the fare of a standard, off-peak, first-class, anytime and advance tickets. Railcards can be applied for online or at most railway stations using your passport or driving license as ID. There is also an option to get a three-year railcard for £70, which can only be purchased online.

There are restrictions on using a senior railcard in London – it is not applicable during morning peak periods Monday to Friday. A railcard is also available to you if you are disabled and receive disability-related benefits, which costs £20 for a year and £54 for three years.

Free Bus Pass

You can get free travel on local buses in England, depending on when you were born and where you live. Visit the State Pension Age calculator on the website to determine the exact date you can apply for your free bus pass. For example, someone born on 1st June 1959, will be eligible for a free bus pass on 1st June 2025.

Dates might be different in some areas, so always check with your council for when you can apply. In Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland the rules are slightly different and you can apply for a free bus pass when you reach 60. However, the eligibility age in Scotland may be changing, find out more about it here.

60+ London Oyster Photocard/ London Freedom Pass

If you are 60 and over, and live in London, you may be eligible for a 60+ London Oyster photocard. The photocard allows you to travel free on public transport in London from the age of 60 until you qualify for a Freedom Pass. To be eligible, you must live in a London borough and be aged 60 or over. For a Freedom Pass, you must also live in a London borough and meet the age criteria, usually 66 years old.

Coach Concessions

There is not currently a national scheme to give discounts on coach tickets for over 60s, however it is worth checking with your coach operator to see if they do offer any discounts. The National Express offers a Senior Coachcard for people ages 60 and over, costing £10 per year and gives you a third off prices.

Blue Badges

The Blue Badge scheme is not a travel concession, but it helps you to park closer to your destination if you’re disabled. You can find out if you are eligible by applying through your local council in England and Wales, as each area will have slightly different rules for eligibility. Applying for a Blue Badge in Northern Ireland and Scotland is different; visit or to find out your eligibility.

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