Although spring may seem far away, it’s always best to prepare early for a spring clean to ensure that once the warm weather does arrive, you are housework-free and ready to enjoy it. However, getting your home clean and organised can, at times, seem like a monstrous task, especially if you live alone. To make it that little bit easier, check out our top tips for a successful spring clean:


Divide Up the Cleaning 

Spring cleaning often involves carrying out a number of different chores, which can sometimes seem overwhelming if attempted all at once. Consequently, splitting the cleaning into either tasks or rooms is a good way to ensure that you don’t feel bombarded with work and stick to a system. For example, hoovering all of the carpeted areas in your home could be the first task, while moping the hard surfaces might be the second. Alternatively, you could focus on cleaning the living room alone by dusting, hoovering, and wiping down surfaces, thus making sure all the necessary chores for that area have been completed.


Ask for Help

If you feel that cleaning your home is just too big of a task to do on your own, don’t be afraid to ask for help with it. Friends or family can be great sources of help in any situation, so consider contacting one or the other (or even both) to assist you while carrying out your spring clean. You could even stop for a quick tea and a chat halfway through!



Use the Right Equipment

Once you have decided on a system to work to, you’ll need the right equipment to carry out the cleaning. Depending on the chores you’ll be doing, you may need items such as a hoover, broom, duster, dustpan and brush, surface spray, and cleaning cloths. Some of these items can have extra features that will make the job a lot easier for you. For example, some dusters have extenders to help you reach higher places, minimising the risks of straining too much and pulling a muscle. Similarly, cord-free vacuum cleaners enable you to roam freely without being restricted by a plug socket. However, if you are using a plug-in hoover, try and use one that has a push-button cord retractor to avoid bending down to reel the cord back in yourself. Finally, using a long-handled dustpan and brush will again, mean less bending down, thus lessening the risk of taking a tumble.


Wear Appropriate Clothing

This may sound like a simple thing but wearing the right clothing to clean can make the job a lot easier. Be sure to wear loose and accessible clothing that will allow you to move about freely and reach places without restraint. Cleaning clothes should also be items that you don’t mind getting dirty or marked as often, dust or dirt can stick to clothing during cleaning and items such as bleach can stain.


Put/Throw Things Away

Often, there will be items that you’ve left out over time or that you don’t use altogether dotted around your home. As you go, be sure to clear up the items that you still use by putting them away in their correct places to ensure you are left with an uncluttered and subsequently inviting area. If you no longer use some of these items, consider giving them away to charity if they are in good condition. If not, simply throw them away. Having less clutter will make it easier for you to move around your home and lessen the risk of tripping or falling over things.


Go Through Your Medication 

A spring clean is a great time to go through your medicine cabinet or draw and get rid of any out of date or unused medication. If ingested, some expired medications can be dangerous, posing a risk of harm to the person who has taken them. Consequently, throwing away any leftover or out of date prescriptions will lessen your chance of taking any off or incorrect medications. It will also serve to unclutter your cabinet or draw, making it easier for you to access the medication that you do need.


Don’t Overwork Yourself

Once you get into it, you may find yourself wanting to push on with the cleaning and get it all done in one session. However, if you begin to feel tired, be sure to stop and pick up where you left off either later on or another day to avoid overworking yourself. Sometimes, a short nap can help and you may wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start again. But if you feel you’ve had enough for the time being, don’t feel bad about stopping.


All of these tips will help make your spring clean much easier, leaving you with more time to go out and enjoy the sunshine when it finally arrives. For more information or advice concerning activities for elderly, please visit our health and care pages or get in touch on our social media.